Frequently Asked Questions

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What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept any major Credit / Debit Cards and PayPal. Please note that in some cases we require ID verification for credit card payments.

How fast is the setup?

We set up servers usually in 1 – 2 business days. In some cases this might take longer, which in this case we will contact you.

Do you provide RAID ?

Yes, every server with more than 2 drives comes with RAID for additional performance and reliability. If you require hardware RAID, we can supply this at an additional cost.

Do you provide managed services ?

Yes, but because we think managed services are a custom solution that differs for every business, we invite you to contact our team to discuss managed services further.

Can I use the full speed ? Is the bandwidth dedicated ?

Yes, all port speeds are dedicated and you can use these 24/7. We do not restrict any ports whatsoever.

Can I upgrade my machine when required ?

Yes, we can either change some hardware components or we can set up a new server with the same drives so you can start using your servers right away.

Can I reinstall my OS ?

Yes! Using our server manager you can reinstall your OS using our pre-defined OS templates. You can also use KVM to reinstall your OS using an ISO.

Are there any setup fees ?

All configurations listed on our websites are without setup fees. However if you order a custom configuration that is not part of our regular offering, setup fees may apply.

Are there any contracts ?

There are no set contracts. You can cancel after your first month if you decide not to renew your server. We don’t sign you into yearly agreements or similar.

Do you have more questions for us ?

Contact our support team at and we will answer all your questions. Or use the contact form below!

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